Opposition to new Sainsbury’s store in Rumney Village

More than a 1,000 people have signed a petition opposing planning permission for a new Sainsbury’s local store being built on the site of the now vacant Carpenters Arms pub in Rumney Village. Local businesses fear that the new store will cause damage to the livelihoods of local independent traders. Llanrumney, Labour, Councillor Heather Joyce stated “The heart of the community could be ripped out.”


4 Responses

  1. Whilst it is easy to see kneejeek nimby-ism with the naysayers there is a point to keeping superstores out and local shops in business. The total number employed in those local shops threatened may be less than those employed in one superstore (discuss at length) but history is eroded and with it a sense of community and local pride as the local identity is replaced with bland generic consumerism and an enormous car park. It can work where the local shops are close by to be convenient and offer complimentary services that the superstore does not or boutique alternatives. This though requires an embrace of change on two fronts and a gamble that only the locals can lose. It is not impossible to stop what can appear an inevitable assimilation. What is inevitable perhaps is that the chain has identified a target population and will move somewhere else locally. The drawing off of local custom will simply be to another location, will these shoppers go to the shops local to that new supermarket location instead of making yet another trip to the shops nearer home? The other concern is aesthetics.

    • What happens if this re-development is not given Planning Permission?

      The old Pub will remain derelict………….for how long?

      Vandals & Fly Tippers have already made their mark.

      And, the Car Park will be closed-off because the narrow access has been declared dangerous.

      We should be grateful for new investment into our area.

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