Trowbridge Community Centre fit for purpose?

Trowbridge Residents Action Group (TRAG) are in dispute with Cardiff Council over the community centre built in 2007. Alistair Evans, TRAG’s managing director, hit out at the council saying

“We feel the council has disrespected the people of Trowbridge.”

The dispute centres on the fact that residents believed the new centre would be roughly the same size as the old community centre.  A shopping precinct and community centre were demolished in 2006. The new development was to have consisted of forty homes managed by the Cardiff Community Housing Association. Subsequently an extra two homes were built, due to a financial shortfall, resulting in the new community centre being smaller than planned.

Trowbridge, Labour, Councillor Ralph Cook commented

“The kitchen in the community centre is useless but I haven’t had a desperate call from people to have things changed…”

A council spokesman admitted that the original plans for the Trowbridge Community Centre had been downsized but stressed how the centre was a successful asset for the people of Trowbridge. TRAG have submitted a 360 name petition to the council voicing their objections to the new centre’s much smaller kitchen.


One Response

  1. TRAG has submitted a 360 name petition to the council voicing their objections to the new centre’s much smaller kitchen, and the fact that this Community Centre has no representation on the management committee only 3 Cllr, with 1 living off ward.
    Up to this point of time, the Council has not answered the PETITION put to in 3 Months ago (disrespect) regarding among other thing this very important subject the size of our Community Centre’s Kitchen, before the old centre was demolished,( to make way for the housing development) a thriving “lunch club” meet on a weekly basis, when this subject was brought to the attention of the Council and Management committee,
    Our off ward Councillor suggested, that we provide our lunch club members with SANDWICHES, or have the meals prepared else ware, what about the other users that require kitchen facilities, (Birthday Parties, After match hospitality, Anniversary’s,)?

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