Cardiff East

What they say about us

It’s been less than a week since we started but already we’ve received some great feedback.

Guardian Cardiff –

Great stuff Keith – loving the blog. A fantastic resource for those living in the east side of the city. Keep it up!” –  Comment posted on Cardiff East 30 June 2010

“I’d also like to thank those who helped at the Social Media Surgery on Tuesday – we had a great turnout and already there’s a local community site for East Cardiff set up by Keith Phillip Jones after some tips from Ben Bryant – will be welcome among other Cardiff community sites Llandaff NewsSplott OnlineMy Whitchurch,Adamsdownhere, and City Centre Cardiff (if you know anymore add them in the comments below).” Hannah Waldram 2 July 2010

Special #ff for new community website in Cardiff East run by @GreatSociety64 Great start! #cdfsms –  Twitter 2 July 2010

Your Cardiff –

@GdnCardiff agreed it’s looking good, well done @GreatSociety64 and don’t forget @Splott_Online and @LlandaffNewsTwitter 2 July 2010

Get in touch

If you have a story to tell, an event to publicise or news to share in east Cardiff then join the conversation on Cardiff East.


Cardiff East - Rumney Recreation Ground

Coming Soon

Look out for the first of our new authors who will be posting blogs on Cardiff East.

Get ready for the first in our new series of Face to Face interviews with the people of Cardiff East.

Full coverage of the Old. St. Mellons Village Fete being held on Sat 10th July 2010 at Old. St. Mellons Village Playing Fields, Ty Wynch Road.


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