Welsh skipper Johnson’s 10 years at the Claret & Blues

Wales beat England in baseball on Saturday to win the Gladstone Rose Bowl at Tredegar Park in the 85th international baseball fixture between the two countries. The victorious Welsh skipper was Mark Johnson, who was man of the match, now of St. Albans but who had played for Llanrumney for more than a decade. There were also some smart catches by Gary Fish, in his first season with St. Albans, after having a lengthy career with Llanrumney.

Cardiff East sends its congratulations to the whole Welsh team and to especially the ex-Llanrumney baseball players who wore the famous Claret & Blue jersey of Llanrumney baseball with pride for many years.

Baseball faces tough competition these days and that was underlined this season with Llanrumney being unable to field a team in the Welsh Baseball Premier League. Llanrumney has a proud baseball history. Throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s they dominated the diamond game winning the Dewar Shield for a staggering 17 seasons in a row. Llanrumney were the Manchester United of baseball conquering all before them. Let’s hope that the Claret & Blues will revive once more and Welsh Baseball so characteristic of Cardiff life for generations can once again find the opportunity to thrive in the 21st Century.

Llanrumney still has a successful ladies baseball team. The Llanrumney XI have shown great team spirit and recently third in their respective league having stuck with the same 12 ladies all season. Llanrumney’s proud baseball heritage is being kept alive by quality players such as Justine Chinnick, Judy Hollisey and Danielle Attard. Cardiff East wishes them the very best for the rest of the season.

If you have memories of baseball in Llanrumney, a story to share or pictures from the days when Llanrumney were the kings of the diamond game then we would like to hear from you. Cardiff East wants to honour the famous Claret & Blues and run a post on the glory days and what lies ahead for the sport in Llanrumney.

e-mail: KPJones77@hotmail.com


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