Former Bluebird Christian Roberts backs the campaign to save Rumney Recreation Ground

Former Bluebirds, Bristol City and Swindon football star Christian Roberts has backed the community campaign to register Rumney Recreation ground as a Village Green. Local Llanrumney boy Christian agreed to back the campaign after being contacted by Labour Assembly candidate Vaughan Gething. RREEL action group togther with local MP Alun Michael have made an application to register the land at Rumney Rec as a village green. A public inquiry takes place at Llanrumney Library on 21 September. Cardiff Council is the sole objector to the application.

Vaughan Gething and Christian Roberts on Rumney Rec

Christian Roberts said

Rumney Rec should be saved. There is no question in my mind. It is the one green open playing fields where children can come and play safely in Llanrumney and Rumney.

I’ll never forget the hours I have spent on the Rec kicking a ball. It was somewhere that we would gather as children and play. I was football mad. I just enjoyed it. It was here on the Rec, in the shadow of the Eastern Leisure Centre that I first dreamt of playing for Cardiff City. Every Cardiff boy wanted to be a Bluebird then and still does now.

I made my way up the ranks at Cardiff City and I’ll never forget the first time I played at Ninian Park. Although injuries ended my playing career earlier than I would have liked I played over 300 matches as a professional footballer and I represented my country. As a Llanrumney boy I am very proud of having achieved that and hope I’ve given my local community something to be really proud of. This area has produced some great athletes. Simon Howarth was another Llanrumney boy, two years above me in Llanrumney High school, who played for Cardiff City. The Rec was vital for giving us a chance.

I work a lot with children and young people now and I can appreciate the value of playing fields. You are not just concreting over grass when you build on playing fields you are destroying the joys and benefits that sport brings to children’s lives.

Everybody wants a new Eastern Cardiff High school but there are three school sites they can build it on. Llanrumney High, Rumney High and the St. Mellons site are big enough for the size of school they wish to build. It’s madness to build it on open green space that we all use for sport.

Rumney Rec has to be saved.”


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