Council Issue Questionnaire To Every Llanrumney Household

As the people of east Cardiff await the findings of Leslie Blohm QC following the Rumney Recreation Ground Village Green Public Inquiry there was a surprise new development over the weekend. On Saturday every Llanrumney household found a letter had been mailed to them from Cardiff Council asking them to ‘Have Your Say’ on green open space surrounding the historic Llanrumney Hall.

The letter that accompanied the questionnaire can be seen below. The council is referring to the £250k proposed ‘Captain Morgan Gardens’ development. Named after the legendary Sir Henry Morgan of Llanrumney Hall the development of open space around Llanrumney Hall was first mooted by the council in May 2009. It is the timing, mere weeks before Leslie Blohm QC’s reports is delivered to County Hall, that will surprise many. Also the fact that the letter fails to mention any reference to the ‘Captain Morgan Gardens’ or the £250K budget that was allocated in April’s council budget.

The question now is if any of Rumney Rec is recommended to be designated as a village green will the development around Llanrumney Hall go ahead?


One Response

  1. Cardiff council, is now sadly run by an incompetant administration in the form of the lib/plaid pact. They have dismally failed to control the ambitions of unelected officials in the authority and blindly accepted whatever these officials put in front of them and they wonder why the result is a massive backlash from the people.
    The likes of Berman and McEvoy who seem to be totaly out of touch with ordinary people is plainly evident in the East of Cardiff as they try to steal the land from the people. They arrogantly state that they will listen to the people and then ignore the most democratic vote that has ever taken place in Cardiff on the schools and the Rec. So to remind them again 96% of the people of east cardiff said NO to your officers plans, So have some courage and decency and stop acting like a blustering buffon with a “Mesiah” complex and join the people. Heaven knows what your party must think of you as you have certainly ensured that they will never get any power in the east of cardiff. You have sown a wind now you will reap a whirlwind.

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