Plans to merge Llanrumney & Old St. Mellons wards

The Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales was asked by the Local Government Minister, Dr. Brian Gibbons to review the electoral arrangements in each principal local authority in Wales.

Early this year the Boundary Commission recommended that the wards of Llanrumney and Rumney merged. Following public consultation the Boundary Commission has now produced it’s Final Proposals for Cardiff City and County Council.

It recommends that the communities of Llanrumney and Old St. Mellons join to create a new ward that carries both names in its title.

By combining the Community of Llanrumney and the Community of Old St. Mellons an election division is formed with a total of 9,766 electors (10,201 projected) which, if represented by three councillors, has a level of representation of 3,255 electors per councillor which is less than 1% above the proposed county average of 3,252 electors per councillor. We consider this to be an appropriate level of representation for the area and put this forward as a proposal. We propose the name Llanrumney and Old St. Mellons for the proposed electoral division. We also propose to retain the existing Rumney electoral division.”

The Trowbridge ward which contains the communities of Trowbridge and the new St Mellons estate is not affected by the proposals.


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