Vaughan Gething: “This is devolution in action…”

Vaughan Gething - Welsh Labour Assembly candidate (Photo: Natasha Hirst)

Speaking to Cardiff East Vaughan Gething, the Welsh Labour Assembly candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth spoke out on the issue of tuition fees. Welsh domiciled students will not pay any extra tuition fees, the Labour-led Assembly Government announced this week.

Vaughan Gething, a former NUS Wales President and Labour Assembly Candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth welcomed the announcement as a fantastic boost for students from Wales.

Labour’s Education Minister, Leighton Andrews, has announced that from the start of the academic year 2012/13 basic tuition fees will rise to £6000 per annum at Welsh HE institutions. They will be able to charge fees up to £9000, if they meet certain requirements, but the Assembly Government will meet the extra cost for students who are domiciled in Wales.

Vaughan Gething said: “This announcement is great news for parents and students in Wales. This bold decision marks a clear difference between Welsh Labour in the Assembly and the ConDem coalition at Westminster.

Welsh Labour’s decision ensures that the higher education teaching budget is in much better shape than in England. In Wales the new fee payments will increase resources for Universities unlike the ConDem plans.

Everybody is aware of the Lib Dems broken promise on scrapping fees. The Tories and Lib Dems are looking and sounding like the same party with each passing day. It is a farce to have Nick Clegg and Vince Cable argue that it is fair for fees to be trebled and then say that they might abstain in a vote on their policy. Nobody will be fooled by a handful of Lib Dem abstentions that still paves the way for fees to rise to £9000 a year.

In contrast Welsh Labour’s decision avoids a massive increase in student debt that the ConDems are forcing on other students.

This is devolution in action with Welsh Labour delivering for Wales.”

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