Peter Black AM: From Wales to the West Wing

As politicans enjoy the summer recess Liberal Democrat Assembly Member Peter Black, writing EXCLUSIVELY for CARDIFF EAST, examines the appeal of the American tv show The West Wing which ran for seven seasons between 1999 and 2006 winning three Golden Globe Awards and 27 Emmy Awards.

The West Wing: President Josiah Bartlet surrounded by his closest staff.

As the summer recess got underway I eyed up a long ignored present, the DVD set of the complete seven series of the West Wing and decided it was time to renew the experience. There have been some late nights but it has been worth it.

Politics is addictive. If you let it, it will dominate your life. Like most addicts I cannot explain it. As a profession, whether one is full-time and paid, or just a volunteer, it dominates your life.

The West Wing is not like any kind of politics I have experienced. You never see the candidate delivering his own leaflets in the rain or having doors closed in his face for example. Continue reading


CARDIFF EAST EXCLUSIVE: Jonathan Morgan AM – Let the people elect Cardiff’s Mayor

In an EXCLUSIVE post for CARDIFF EAST Conservative Assembly Member Jonathan Morgan says it’s time the Welsh capital had a directly elected mayor. Jonathan Morgan, Assembly Member for Cardiff North, was elected to the Assembly at its inception in 1999. Morgan is regarded as one of the most articulate Assembly Members currently in the Senedd.

Anyone that knows me, know that I’m passionate about the city of Cardiff. I have lived here all my life; I was born here, schooled here, I went to university here, I have worked here and I now have the great honour of representing part of the city and its residents in the National Assembly.

Jonathan Morgan AM: "A directly elected mayor would give Cardiffians a direct say..."

The city has carried with it some of the greatest historical, social and cultural achievements that Britain has ever generated; a city which celebrates its considerable past and its confidence in the future.”

We have some of the most impressive architecture of any UK city – proud castles, highlighting our Norman and Victorian era; a civic centre to remind us of past great city leadership; sporting and leisure opportunities to match the very best in the UK.

Cardiff’s description as a modern, young European capital needs continuous support. Cities don’t achieve greatness just by acquiring a description; they require leadership and dedication by individuals who have vision. Continue reading